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Welcome to Carmel High School

Carmel High School, a co-educational English medium institution founded in 1968 by (Late)Mr. Alexander Menezes and Mrs. Dorothy Menezes who believed that all children have value and deserve a chance at a quality educational experience

Carmel High school has been one of Bangalore’s reputed educational institutions for the past five decades;With its inspiring ambiance, Carmel provides an environment that stimulates growth and character development in a child. We are a school that offers an environment where students are taught the value of honesty, integrity, discipline, and respect for self and others through our motto ‘Faith & Toil’.

We believe in experiential learning that enriches life and in turn, leads to insights that inspire excellence. We are committed to providing every child with the right environment to nurture their skills and talents.

With a holistic development approach that encompasses academics, co-curricular activities and sports, we are committed to making our students learn beyond the classroom so that when they step out into this ever-changing world, they are well-rounded individuals who are self-reliant, resourceful, flexible, and adaptable in any situation

‘Faith and Toil’ - Faith in work gives a person a commitment to God to intellectual pursuit. Toil is an obligation for any success.