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A juxtaposition of the two, Carmel and sports, makes us a hub for sports and sporting activities. We believe in combining the benefit of movement along with the academic rigor to develop our students.

The green turf of Carmel Sports arena houses multiple sporting areas that allow students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to aim for excellence in competitive team events. Keeping aside the games and PE periods, Carmelites have the opportunity to play a range of sports.


The numerous in-house Student-powered sporting events allow our school athletes to train and perform for their institution. From jumpings, pits to discuss throw practice in the Arena, our athletic tracks aid our sports stars in performing at various levels. Our two day sports Day marks a mini Carmel Olympic type event where the whole school, along with parents, participate in it


Carmel Cricket team over the years has become one of the most looked out for the team during the tournaments. Students are trained by our renowned coach, who has exposure at various levels in the game. Selectors for state teams have appreciated the coaching and exposure Carmel gives for the game


Carmel emphasizes yoga as a lifestyle and encourages students and teachers to practice yoga regularly. Yoga is an essential component of the school's curriculum and timetable for students and staff at CHS. Students undergo training from a professional mentor and are encouraged to compete. Our students have excelled in a range of categories and have received state and national acclaim


Carmel provides a professional badminton training platform that helps our students master strokes and smashes through a series of drills and a highly personalized training program. Students enjoy the fitness regime with fun activities as they learn the game

Volleyball / Throwball

Adding to the charm of the Alexander trophy, the Carmel volleyball team is trained under rigorous routines to master their skills. The volleyball and throwball training teaches our student's team spirit communication as well overall sportsmanship. Carmel Vollleybal and throwball team have won several tournaments at the state and national level


Leaving no stone unturned, Carmel has tied up with ex-Olympian swimmer and now trainer Nisham Millet's swimming academy to train our students not just to be nay fish in the sea, but the fastest ones. Beginner to advance level training happens at a nearby pool for students

Basketball / Football

For the ones who love a goo ball game, Carmell offers training and coaching for both team sports, where students learn to perform as a team while sharpening their skills

Indoor Game

By providing a distraction-free training environment, Carmel indoor arena helps our students to focus on getting better results and strategies in games, like table tennis, chess, etc. Through training programs and competitions, they gain better experience and learn with time

Gym Facility

This facility is exclusive for staff, for all fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. A professional personal coach trains our team to keep fit and influence them to live a healthy lifestyle