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Discipline is the law of nature. Without it, nothing works. Inculcating discipline among students makes it a significant aspect of Carmel's Holistic education system.

While we promise to offer quality education, we also expect our pupils and their parents to abide by our standards of policies and commitment to achieve excellence.


• Students must be punctual to school and all the school events like National and State festival etc.

• They have to be present for the morning assembly by the first bell-8:10 a.m from Monday to Saturday

• Students will be excused for late coming only up to 3 times a term.

• Latecomers beyond the excused time will be sent home.

• Parent's support and understanding are highly solicited to instill a value for time in the students.


Students must make a good presentation of themselves at school. For this, parents are requested to ensure that their child is well-groomed as per school policies

Hair & Nail length


❖ When combed down, should not cover the forehead or touch the ears. There will be a weekly check on Monday and Thursday.

❖ Nails must be kept short and clean. Nail polish, varnish, or hardener is not allowed.

❖ Any violation of this, student will not be allowed to attend class until haircut is done. Reasons for any sort will NOT be entertained.


❖ Long hair must be neatly plaited(two) and tied up with simple blue / simple blue ribbons as per the uniforms worn.

❖ Medium hair, below the shoulder level, should be neatly plaited (two) and tied.

❖ Short hair above shoulder level, a single pony with the blue or white elastic band must be worn.

❖ Hair above the collar level should be neatly combed with simple plastic blue or white band.

❖ Girls are NOT allowed to put on facial makeup, lipstick, lip gloss, or other cosmetics.

❖ Nails must be kept short and clean. Nail polish, varnish, or hardener is not allowed.

Note: Fancy hair styling, coloring spikes, perming, tinting, dyeing, highlighting, and hair bleaching are strictly not allowed for all students. The student will be asked to return home and come to school only when appearance abides with school policies.

Mehandi /tattoos are strictly NOT allowed on any part of the body. The student found with tattoos may be suspended.



❖ All girls are allowed to wear only small ear studs. No other or multiple earrings or ear stickers are allowed. Other forms of body piercing are also strictly NOT allowed.


❖ Boys are not allowed to wear earrings, ear studs, or any form of body piercing

Note: All students must wear shoes, socks, and belts that are provided by the school only

❖ Valuables and other accessories like wristwatches or any other electronic gadgets are NOT permitted to be brought to the school are NOT to be worn to school

❖ NO visible chains, rings, bracelets, wrist bands of any sort are to be worn with the school uniform.

❖ If any of the above is confiscated and parents will be informed. It will be returned only at the end of the academic year.


❖ Monday – White uniform with white shoes and socks compulsory (and Blazers for high school students).

❖ From Tuesday to Saturday – Blue uniform with black shoes and socks and sports uniform with black shoes and socks on days of PT class as informed.

❖ The length of the skirt/pinafore should be at the knee length that is touching the knee caps. White/blue bloomers are mandatory for girls and worn on all days as per the uniform color.

❖ Illume brand of shoes is the preferred brand of the school. However, any other brand but of school model is also permitted

❖ For boys, tapered pants are strictly not allowed. The pant should cover the ankle. If students are not wearing the correct uniform, parents will be called and asked to bring the same to the school.

❖ Students must wear the school uniform, including special/ remedial classes, parent-teacher meetings, collecting annual results, etc.

❖ Students who need to purchase a new set of sports uniforms or those students who are informed to replace their existing set may do so before June of every academic year

Lotus Uniforms, No.135/13, 19th Main, 16th Cross, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560010.

❖ School blazers have to be compulsorily worn by students of Std. IX – X on all Mondays and essential occasions of the school. Students who need to place an order or those who are informed to replace their old blazers may do so with the school tailor.

Therefore, they may order from Lotus Uniforms, No.135/13, 19th Main, 16th Cross, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560010.

Birthday celebration

Students celebrating birthdays at school may wear casual clothing but ensure decency and modesty in dressing. Sleeveless garments are NOT permitted. In such a case, the parent may be called to bring a change of clothing


The following rules are to be STRICTLY observed :

• Any willful damage will be the liability of the parents/guardians and must be paid for by the pupils concerned<

• Pupils caught eating or chewing gum in classrooms will face disciplinary action.

• Removal of school property or property belonging to other pupils will lead to severe disciplinary actions against the pupils concerned

Note: The school also reserves the right to initiate disciplinary proceedings, which may lead to an appropriate fine, suspension, or expulsion from the school.


The following rules are to be STRICTLY observed :

• All belongings are to be marked (on the inside) with the owner's name in full.

• Money must NEVER be left unattended.

• Borrowing money, items of clothing, books, pens, and other school equipment must be avoided.

• Items of value, such as video games, personal music system, compact disc, MP3 player, I pods, camera, radio, etc., should not be brought to school.

• Cell Phones and other electronic equipment will be confiscated if students are found with one in their possession. They will be returned ONLY at the end of the year.



Regular attendance is required from the first day of each term. No pupil may be absent for any reason other than illness or quarantine without obtaining prior return permission from the Principal. Consent may be given only for exceptional reasons. The Principal has the right to withhold such permission if necessary.

A pupil who is absent from school must bring a letter from the parent or an appropriate entry in his / her school diary stating the reason for the absence.

Leave of absence will be given to enable a pupil to attend social functions.


Student Behaviour with staff / Management

Students must respect and observe all instructions from teachers regarding matters relating to any of the following:

1. Homework, assignments, project work, SUPW

2. Attire for school and PT

3. Behaviour in the classroom and corridors

4. Rudeness to either teacher or pupil

5. General misbehavior anywhere on the premises.

General Students behaviour

  1. Use of abusive language and violence towards pupils or staff is prohibited
  2. Any action on the part of the pupil endangers his / her life, or the life of another will be reported to legal authorities
  3. Continuous unauthorized absence (except for medical reasons) will be unacceptable
  4. Sale or Consumption of Tobacco / Alcohol / Narcotics on campus will lead to students and parents being reported to legal authorities and direct expulsion from school
  5. Disrespectful and refusal to conform to staff directions
  6. Involving in illegal business activity (buying or selling) of any goods is not allowed within the school
  7. Re-sale or misuse of canteen coupons, tickets, or any other sort of school provided documents will lead to suspension from school
  8. Causing any mental or physical disturbance to other pupils or staff will be reported to legal authorities
  9. Giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance during any test/examination will lead to suspension from further exams and FAIL on the marks card
  10. Giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance during any test/examination will lead to suspension from further exams and FAIL on the marks card

Attitude outside the school campus

The following rules are to be followed when travelling to and from school.

1. When on the way to school or in a general public area, all pupils should behave in a pleasant manner.


3. Report any altercations with pupils from other schools or with the public directly to the Principal's office.

4. Refrain from engaging in conversation with any strangers or students from other schools/colleges.

5. Avoid consumption of food and beverages from roadside vendors.


Students who cause concern or who break any of the above school rules will be reprimanded in the following order

1. Formal verbal warning

2. If the warning has proved ineffectual, then a teacher remark, countersigned by the Principal / Academic Co-ordinator, will be sent to the parent or guardian who will be required to acknowledge the same

3. Refusal to amend behavior or to complete the required task will result in the Principal's summoning of the parents or guardian and action taken accordingly. The student may also face a withdrawal of privileges

4. Any other type of misbehavior warranted as a grave enough incident may also lead to suspension or dismissal