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Carmel High School Food Fest

A social cause with an aroma of fun, Carmel Food Fest is a great way our tenth graders learn and support the ones struggling to make ends meet in our society.

While the whole school enjoys the widespread of stalls and their favorite dishes, the event helps raise funds at the same time. All the monetary collections from this event are contributed to an NGO by the same students.

Different Strokes

Carmel opens its stage to students with different talents to display and win The Different Stroke trophy. This bi-annual Inter school talent show allows students across Bangalore to show their creativity and how far they can go to win the title. The event sees famous personalities across various industries judging and interacting with students. From volunteering to Participating, Carmelites get to do it all!


Innovation and creativity come together at the institution Mega-Exhibition for students across all academic streams to ignite scientific temper and demonstrate hands-on brilliance and aptitude. A show of extravaganza and an amalgamation of competitions, assessments, fun games, history in science see over a minimum of 3000 spectators and participants.

The two-day event has some competitive working and non-working models, futuristic visions of students, world geographical features, history of various civilizations, art, and craft are some of the highlights.

Alexander Memorial Volleyball Tournament

Smashes, saves, and hits; the matches light up the playground every year. After 19 editions of the tournament, we see over 40 school teams competing for this state championship across the state.

Players come with technical and tactical skills while highlighting and spotlighting emerging potential, opening the way for opportunities to play at higher levels. The Golden Jubilee year of the school marked the beginning of a new chapter in the tournament with the introduction of throw ball for girls.


Carmel's in-house talent hunt challenges and builds confidence in our students who dare to stand out and compete with their classmates while also challenging their stage fears and boosting their morale. The students coordinate and work hard as a team to win the overall house championship—a variety of solo and group events covering literature, art, and culture are arranged. The cheerful faces of the students participating in the whole spirit mark the event's success and achieve the school's goal of holistic development of its students.