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Carmel Institution aims at being one of the premier Institutions of Bangalore City providing a holistic education that encompasses Indian ethos and strong roots in values-Spiritual and Cultural.


Carmel Institution is committed to serve society’s children through high quality educational programmes, enabling them to contribute humanely by creating exciting learning opportunities with a commitment to excel.


School Song


We are the merry children,
of Carmel School,
Always gay and happy,
Smiling and cheerful.
The blessed Carmel Mother,
She is our patron true,
She will guide and help us,
In everything we do,

Verse 1

Now that the sun has risen,
Let's ask our Mother
Graces, blessings in abundance,
In everything we do,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

May she check our tongues,
May she screen our eyes,
May our soul be pure,
May our love be sure,
And when the day has gone,
May she guide us home,
Always gay and happy,
Never more to roam,

Repeat Chorus