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Sharing helps us to unburden ourselves and gives clarity on thinking. Carmel High School provides the forum for our students, teachers, and parents to share issues/concerns with the school counsellors.

Students come across various challenges in their life which they may find difficult to face and they may hesitate to share with others. By sharing with the school counsellors, it has proved to help our students to introspect and empower themselves to solve the issue or cope with the issue. Counselling at Carmel is mere guidance that nurtures one to come out of their situation on their own the right way.

Value Education And Life Skills

"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but values."

The school inculcates values and life skills to the children through the mode of videos from School Cinema, workbooks, and discussions on various topics and real-life situations. We need to know skills that help us to manage our lives better and face the day to day challenges.

The students tend to have an upper hand in terms of a position to decide between right and wrong and make better decisions in their life. Workshops and orientation programs are conducted on various topics for parents and teachers.

Career Guidance Program

"If you make your passion as your profession, you will not work even for a single day and you enjoy every moment"

While choosing a career, a lot of factors come into consideration, aptitude, passion, interest, personality, intelligence, skills to name a few. Carmel high school has a career guidance program from classes 6 to 10 which helps students to understand themselves, know their interests, explore various options, learn about them and make better choices which helps them to be happy and successful in their life.

Carmel High School has tied up with an Australian based company – MyKensho to deliver this program to the students. While Carmel Pre University College hosts an annual Career guidance workshop ‘ Lakshya ‘ for all school and college students where one can participate in. Over 150 courses and keynote speakers gather under our roofs to guide like-minded students to reach their destined goals.