Carmel High School

Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore

Founded in 1968, Carmel High School is the vision of (Late)Mr Alexander Menezes and Mrs Dorothy Menezes, to build a co-educational institution that provides an environment where students are taught the value of honesty, integrity, discipline, and respect for self and others through our motto ‘Faith & Toil’. With its inspiring ambience, Carmel provides an environment that stimulates growth and character development in a child

State of the
Art Infrastructure

Well-designed infrastructure with spacious, ventilated classrooms, well-equipped labs & libraries, arena for sports and activities


A sustainable and eco-conscious campus with rainwater harvesting system, solar power plant, waste segregation and plastic free zone

Technology Integrated

One of Bengaluru's first school to integrate Smartboards, tab-station & computer labs with well-equipped staff into the pedagogy

360 Degree

A perfect amalgamation of traditional principles and modern methods providing overall holistic education experience.

Safety And

24/7 CCTV coverage, trained staff, medical personnel on campus, ensuring satisfaction of safety for every child

Carmelite's Note

  • "While I studied at Carmel, our school had seen a transformation, and I was lucky enough to benefit from the new infrastructure of new science labs, computer labs that spurred my interest in making a career in STEM We were never short of opportunities in various fields as arts, sports, social causes. My experience here has helped me, and I am sure every student who passes out from here with their skills to become better persons in the society, that's what Carmel stands for"

  • "It is a matter of pride for me to be alumni of Carmel High School. I will never forget my teachers who strived to instill knowledge, courage, and confidence in me. At Carmel, Apart from academics, you develop a sense of social responsibility through the numerous workshops, interschool debate, and singing competitions. My memories of all the inter-school events hosted by Carmelare fresh even today. It boosted my confidence and self-esteem, thus inspiring me to achieve my goal of being a doctor."

  • "As a Carmelite, I learnt that success does not come easy, but learning how to handle failure and rising through it, I owe this to my alma mater. As a Restaurateur, I am grateful to this institution for providing me with an environment to feel equal and meaningful; I always had vital help and support through my academics and sports, which is just the thing we need at that age. My gratitude stays in Carmel School for life."

  • "Carmel High School taught me the 'Art of balance'. Graduating with six gold medals from RGUHS university, being a singer with her record label, a dancer, and a social media influencer was built in me from an early age through my experience at Carmel. My time at school taught me that there is no need to follow the herd but to challenge it and build your success story. Being a Carmelite is not just about excelling in studies but finding your passion in extracurricular activities, for which I am forever grateful."
  • Unlike many schools, I will say that Carmel is one of the best schools in Karnataka in providing an excellent education, especially for the STATE syllabus. I recall the excellent facilities and opportunities I received to learn, grow and develop as a well-rounded individual; it is and will always be Caramel's unique specialty The school never compromised but provided the best facility for sports and other activities while also offering the best technology in education. Not just the teachers and support staff, but I want to especially thank the founder, Principal Mrs. Dorothy Menezes, for the support to create beautiful memories during my childhood
  • Carmel High school cricket team was one of the top teams in the overall school cricket in Bangalore. The biggest reason for joining Carmel High School was their excellent sports program that provided vast opportunities and successful training programs that helped me develop my skills while providing a value-added proposition with my academics. The platform provided at Carmel High School has become an important stepping stone that has helped me progress my career.
  • Beautiful memories come to mind from the morning assemblies, worrying about getting caught with long hair and hiding in the boy's toilet. But today, my core values, beliefs, and principles have been shaped because at Carmel, we develop a sense of self our perception of the world. My teachers were incredibly nurturing, kind, forgiving, and fair - these are the values I hold close to me that I strive to uphold. It is at school I developed my love for the Sciences and Humanities. I tip off my hat to Mrs.Shashilatha and Mrs. Prema Kumari for kindling my interest in the subject of History in middle school.

  • If I list all my pleasant memories, I am sure most of them will be from my school. As I look at all my school friends, I realize how good our roots are. We had an advanced science club, humanities club, and cultural club. Most of us got into sports at district and state levels. We had computer classes and a very clean computer lab when no other school had these facilities. Even in academics, our school used to get ranks in the state.I am so proud to be a Carmelite. Articulation of ideas and good human values -the most important traits needed in today's world is what our school has given to us