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For the past five decades, Carmel has seen thousands of students graduate from our premises. One thing has stood clear through all these batches; we pride ourselves on being a modern educational space respecting the traditional system while ensuring the student experience is at the forefront at our school.
Our campus is designed to be a haven for our students. We believe that by creating an exceptional learning environment, the students will flourish. We want our students to feel safe with an environment that encourages learning, discovery, and personalized engagement.


Spacious, smart classrooms are built to promote a student-centric environment where every individual is empowered to dream and achieve. Here, the students are encouraged to take charge of their Learning and inspired to discover new possibilities. The classrooms promote the students' creativity and nurture their curious minds.

Exploratorium - The Labs

The Science Labs allow our students to understand the dynamics of science, which is fundamental in their journey towards a bright future. Students are encouraged to delve into the world of science, and the teachers' enthusiasm and guidance to their subject yielded an excellent result. A sophisticated lab infrastructure for aspiring scientists and anyone with a curious mind at Carmel.


Smart creative space to think, explore and enhance software programming skills , the lab is designed to provide individual workspace, software tools that enable them to enhance their understanding of the course material and to provide them with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical manner.
Connected with 50 System with the latest software and Wifi Zone , a user at any level get have their one on one workstations to encode and decode their skills.

Carmel Sports Arena

Carmel Sports Arena, our sports complex with a turf arena and an indoor multi-purpose hall, has a capacity of up to 1,000 spectators. This facility has a fitness center for staff, a table tennis hall, badminton courts, athletic jumping pits, volleyball, and throwball courts. The Sports Complex is the most prominent facility on campus, housing the institution's flagship activities and producing historical events and enduring memories.

Carmel Sports Ground

Carmel playground provides an aesthetic space for rigorous professional team sports training like Cricket net practices, school band practices, NCC training, and other athletic events. Championships and state-level tournaments won by the school teams have glorified this playground.

Nursery Play Zone

A Safe & Secure play area with all of the necessary play equipment to help our little ones develop their fine and gross motor skills. Equipped with a whole set of colourful swings, number of play equipment’s like slides, Lego tables, and educational and scenic walls.

Knowledge Centre

A highly specialized area for both staff and students, where learning meets technology and knowledge is disseminated. The staff and students use the computer system to incorporate technology in learning through media, quizzes, and assessments. At the same time, the library in the Knowledge centre has over 2000 books that may be useful for all areas of interest. The Knowledge centre is connected to the main building with the kind skywalk bridge.

Primary Library

At the primary level, our curious minds have access to discover and use the enriching source of a variety of books, journals, magazines for an in-depth learning experience that they can nourish from.


For optimum learning, our Audio-visual room is widely used by students for presentations, Discussions, etc. All seminars, guest lectures, and discussions happen at this location. You can find the Student Council conducting their events here

Tab stations

An all-in-one docking and charging station for tablets used by every student in their classes. Students collect their tablets before their class begins and deposit them back at the end of the day

Alexander hall

In memory of our beloved founder Late Alexander Menezes a well-designed stage equipped with all the facilities serving as a makeshift Amphitheatre. Carmel's Theatre/dance club and drama events take place at this structure

Counselling room

At Carmel, we consider mental health as a priority, and any Child, staff or parent can feel free to disclose any concerns they are having and receive assistance from counselors at our counseling room.

Medical Room

A high value on students' health and safety, our medical room is open all day during the school hours with an on-duty nurse to attend to any emergencies at any time with proper recordings

Carmel Cafeteria

We are , what we eat—clean, healthy diet aids optimum learning . Carmel's Cafeteria is well-balanced where nutritional food is offered and is a plastic-free zone. Famously called the school's "hot zone," it is here where students dine together, share, and look out for one another.
The lunch breaks are where time spent with friends and classmates around the food dishes is the most remembered and treasured. Water purifiers are installed on every floor of the campus


A resonant-resistant room for choir and band practices, equipped with quality instruments and audio software, gives our students the rocking experience of learning music from a young age. As part of our unique educational curriculum, music is also given priority. Over the years, Carmel's ragas and rhythms have been fine-tuned through regular practice and instructions that allow students to turn their passion into a vocation in their future.

Staff Facilities

Quality education happens when teachers are fresh and energized before every class. At Carmel, our staff rooms provide teachers a place to unwind, re-energize, and interact with their colleagues while students approach them to solve doubts after class hours
Every teacher is given their own desk space where they store their books & materials. A locker system is in place to keep their personal and essential belongings. The staff rooms are also equipped with cushioned chairs, microwave ovens, and private workstations.