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"Look after nature, and nature will Look after you."

For the past five decades, Carmel High School has been at the forefront in protecting the environment and its resources. Today, Carmel High school is recognized as a Green Campus and a Plastic Free Zone.

Anyone can create awareness, but only a few can make a change, and our eco-warriors have worked towards establishing the ‘Eco Club’ to become sustainably minded citizens. Not just the students but the campus too.

The Golden Jubilee block is presently covered with more than 1000 plants making it one of the first hanging gardens in an educational institution. It covers more than 50% of our Block’s façade. The school has a rainwater system and groundwater replenish system in place

The schools crown jewel is its, Solar power plant ‘, generating approximately 265 units of electricity per day, more than enough to keep us going without commercial input of electricity

Green Hacks at Carmel High School

Push-up optimizers and water for urinals are engineered to eliminate the usage of excess water and foul odor leading to reduced use of water to 57% in the school.

Rainwater harvesting is done in the sports arena and the main building. The recycled water is used for flushing and cleaning toilets and the building and watering the garden.

Sustainable and Environment Information integrated into the curriculum. Students practise growing plants trees and saving water from an early age

Carmel is officially recognized as a No-plastic zone. Anti-plastic drives are conducted often. Students are encouraged to carry sustainable and eco-friendly water bottle bottles and Tiffin boxes

Recognition Earned

  • In 2019, Eco Club conducted a vigorous and successful campaign to save a million litres of water in just 15 days.
  • The school’s water and energy-saving efforts were acknowledged and appreciated in the E-Journal `Solve Ninja chronicle’.
  • Students were invited to visit the segregation and recycling plant to observe and learn practices followed by BBMP.
  • Ninjas also came up with the innovative idea ‘swipe a use’ (a device used to bring behavioural change in the consumption of water by each individual). It won the title ‘Best Green Hack’ awarded by Green Hackathon.
Being a Carmelite is not just academic excellence, but one must aim to deal with problems about Energy, Water, Sanitation, and Garbage in and around the campus while they continue practices at home too!