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In the High School section, we compel our students to be independent and focused with the help of competent and skilled teachers. As our students come into classes 9 & 10, we look to develop in them a sense of responsibility and sincerity in the process while they still grow with a holistic approach that they all excel.

At Carmel, the High School offers two curriculum choices, ICSE Board or State Board; Students graduating from middle school into high school can choose their promising path. Over the two years, we train them to answer the board exams in the most accurate and acceptable modus while simultaneously comprehending what they learn.

Extra-Curricular Activity
Parents Talk


We offer our students three groups of subjects, as per the board for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Group I : English, Language (Kannada or Hindi), History & Civics and Geography

Group II : Mathematics and Science ( Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

Group III : Computer Application, Physical Education, and Arts ( choice of any one subject), and SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)

The State Curriculum offers the following six subject structures :

First Language (Any One)
( Hindi/ Kannada / Sanksrit)
Second Language English

Social Science
Third Language(Any One)
( Hindi / Kannada / Sanksrit)

Extra-Curricular Activity

In these crucial years of a child's overall development, we believe it is essential to hone their skills. Students of High School get a chance to be a part of the Student Council and Leadership programs.

We encourage our students to participate in Sports, Music & Arts, Cultural activities like folk dances, skits, singing, intraclass debates, and many more. Clubs help students improve their social skills, confidence and increase interest in a particular field. We have the Eco Club, Mind Spark- for fun based learning of English and Mathematics structure, Sports Clubs, etc.


At Carmel High School, we provide our students quality education with individual attention to improve overall performance. Every child is unique, and we seek to provide our students in these decisive years, specific training. We have integrated traditional interactive classroom methodology and modern approaches such as self-assessments, mentoring, and assignments. High School students have access to the latest lab facilities that aid experiential learning for Sciences and computers.

To make teaching and learning adaptive, we have introduced Virtual Class Rooms and Digital Workshops while maintaining the same teacher-student interactive relationship.

Parents Talk

Mr. Rajeev & Mrs. Vijayalakshmi R
Parents of Megharanjini R (2001-2013) and Kruthiknandan R (2009-2022)

" We must say that the school is well led and managed with excellent staff and an environment with a very caring community. The school has nurtured the potential and talent of both our children. Apart from the regular academia, the school has instilled a sense of self-discipline, cultural ethos, positive thinking, emotional wellbeing, and moral values in our children to become capable and confident good citizens.
The school is very welcoming, has a good relationship with parents, and we commend Carmel High School to other parents. We are delighted with our kids' development and experience and have chosen Carmel High School for our children. "

Why Study At Carmel?

Carmel High School aims at creating a generation that is not just academically well-equipped but compassionate and helpful individuals. We provide an education known for its academic excellence while valuing principles.

In High School, we encourage our students to go out into the world as confident individuals ready to take on any challenge that they face. With co-curricular activities, we hope they identify their passion and, more importantly, enjoy the career they choose.